Once you begin receiving your benefits, confirm the exact amount owed to you to prevent overpayment of benefits.“If there is some type of overpayment, you want to make sure you report it as soon as possible,” said John Fowler, a certified financial planner and wealth manager at McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management (https://www.mscm.net/). “Eventually, the Social Security administration will catch it, and the longer you wait to report it, the longer they will have to reduce your future payouts to recoup the overage.”If this happens, your payments could be affected in a few ways, Fowler said. “In some instances, they may provide a waiver and ‘fix the glitch’ going forward. However, in most cases, they may recoup the overage by reducing your future payments until they get the overage amount back,” he said. Confirming your records is as easy as downloading your Social Security statement online.

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