Why I Came to Work for MSCM — Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt, Wealth Manager at McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management, feels that financial advisors should be held to a higher standard. That’s why he works with us.

 Succession Planning with MSCM 

At one point or another, every independent advisor should think about a succession partner for them and their clients. Here is Jesse’s story and why he chose MSCM as his partner.

401K Plans with McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management

If you sponsor a 401K at your company and don’t know who your fiduciary is, it’s you. McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management can help take some of that responsibility off your plate. 

Working with a Fiduciary

We choose to work with a custodian like TD Ameritrade, because we care about what happens to your money as much as you do.

Bruce Fraser on MSCM Culture

Bruce Fraser, Founder & Managing Partner of MSCM, talks about the collaborative environment he strives to foster for he and his team.

Shaun Hayes on working for MSCM

Shaun Hayes on the advantages working with a firm like MSCM offers for both advisors and their clients.