Dallas, Texas, November 10, 2017 — McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management (MSCM) is pleased to
announce the execution of a Succession Plan Agreement with Tuggle & Russell, LLC as part of Tuggle &
Russell’s continuing commitment to clients regarding sustainability and longevity of their successful
execution of client investment objectives. This Succession Plan assures that all Tuggle & Russell clients’
portfolio management and financial plans will remain intact for future generations.

Lois Russell, Tuggle & Russell’s CEO, said, “For years I had a business partner, and we had a succession
plan. In 2016, we activated that plan, and I became a solo advisor. So, it was imperative that now I find a
suitable succession plan partner. McElhenny Sheffield is a perfect fit. They have extensive investment
management capabilities and experience, ensuring that my client’s portfolios will be in good hands.
Equally important to me is that I am confident they will treat my clients with integrity and respect. They
are committed to valuing my clients as well as managing their portfolios.”

Bruce Fraser, McElhenny Sheffield’s Managing Partner, said “Lois is a very thoughtful person and we are
excited that she chose to trust McElhenny Sheffield as her firm’s succession partner. We look forward to
working closely with Lois over the coming years.”

About McElhenny Sheffield

McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management was founded in 2000 to manage a hedge fund with an options-
based absolute return strategy that was designed to deliver consistent returns while minimizing downside
risks for clients. Today, MSCM serves a growing group of clients with liquid assets totaling approximately
a quarter of a billion USD’s. McElhenny Sheffield’s team of MBAs, investment advisors, Certified Financial
PlannersTM, and Chartered Financial Analysts® is committed to providing sound and unbiased advice to
help clients optimize their complete financial picture with coordinated estate, investment and tax strategy.

Succession Planning rightfully should be viewed as an essential component of conducting business. Just
because a business is doing well in no way signifies that succession planning can be deferred. It is
becoming increasingly critical for investment advisors to put in place a well thought out plan that will
ensure their firm maintains its viability if something unforeseen occurs. MSCM is well positioned to
become a succession partner for such investment advisors.

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