For Advisors


Many independent Registered Investment Advisers would prefer to spend their time interacting with clients and working on their financial planning needs instead of having to become experts in the Equity, Fixed Income, Options, Futures, and Currency markets. To that end, we at McElhenny Sheffield, provide a number of investment related sub-advisory services to other introducing advisers. By leveraging our investment prowess, you as the advisor, are able to maintain control of the client relationship while facilitating access to numerous sophisticated expert asset management capabilities, as well as concentrated stock management, and options related investment strategies.

If you would like to learn more about how McElhenny Sheffield can help you and your firm with investment related needs please reach out to Todd Terry at

Succession Planning

Regulators are looking at implementing a requirement for advisors to have in place a succession plan so that clients are taken care of should anything happen to the advisor. MSCM has previously fulfilled that role of succession partner. Please contact Todd Terry at if you would like to discuss your succession plans.

Back Office Support

If you decide to enter a succession plan agreement, but want to wait to execute the plan, we can help you start the succession process by performing your back office functions such as compliance, trading/investment management, and/or client service. This allows you to focus on your strengths and remain the client point of contact until you are ready.

We have implemented technology solutions to allow us grow effectively. This technology helps to manage areas such as compliance, trading and portfolio management, customer relationship management, financial planning and administrative functions such as calendar scheduling and telephony.

Our extensive experience in the options arena allows us to support sophisticated professional trading strategies and deliver them to our clients. MSCM maintains accounts with individual investors and institutions alike.  We can provide sophisticated expert asset management, while honoring the relationship our partners (RIAs) maintain with their clients.

Small Advisors

Some advisors have a difficult time growing. When you are small, larger accounts are many times reluctant to invest when they will comprise a substantial percentage of your assets. As a part of our larger team, those same accounts will know there is a depth of personnel that will be able to take care of their needs. In addition, you can focus on your areas of strength and allow us to take care of the other functions.

“After managing a successful firm for multiple decades, I wanted to find a firm that would care for my clients with as much care as I had. I found a partner that could continue helping my client families for many generations to come. The transition was smooth and my clients could not be happier. My only regret is that I did not partner with MSCM sooner.”

- Dale Stamps

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