Our Values

Management with Integrity...


“What does it profit them to gain the whole world, but lose or forfeit themselves?”

In the investment business, the word ‘values’ sadly often only relates to investment account balances – it is rare to hear an advisor use it in any other context. McElhenny Sheffield takes ‘values’ to heart. While we take the importance of growing account balances very seriously, we want to accomplish this within the framework of loyalty, discipline, and integrity.


We operate in a ‘what have you done for me lately’ world. MSCM remains a boutique firm, but has grown substantially over the years. We remember and acknowledge how important our early investors were to our success today. We cherish these long term investors and the trust that their families placed in our firm before we had exhibited the proven track record of success we have achieved today. We will always put our investors’ interests first.


Many investment firms claim to be disciplined, yet it does not show up in their returns. However, at MSCM, it is our belief that no investor or investment strategy will be successful long term without adhering to a fastidious approach. MSCM maintains strict risk controls in all of our strategies. Our ability to successfully guide investors through a decade which included some very tumultuous events is a testament to us living this discipline in our investment operations, not just giving it lip service when popular. Any firm can make solid returns, but making them and then holding onto them when the environment deteriorates is an infinitely more select group – one which we consider ourselves members.


MSCM has a reputation for managing money with integrity. Along these lines, we have never accepted a ‘soft dollar’ relationship from a vendor or service provider. These arrangements many times result in higher execution costs. Our standard, that an investor must clearly receive a compelling net benefit from one of these arrangements, has never been satisfied to our liking. Additionally, due to the potential for conflict of interest in this area, we simply avoid the gray area. We strive to adhere to these standards by putting our clients’ interests first each and every day.



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